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Margot Tohn

Park It Guides

"Site-Maker did a great job of getting our shopping cart up and running in a very short time-frame, and consistently gives us quick and accurate changes when we request them. They are skilled at explaining the various technology options to us that work with our budget and brand."

Katie Bull

Vocal Coach, Jazz Singer

"Site-Makers are Out-of-Sight! They update materials in a timely manner, and when it's time to freshen up designs they have fresh ideas, and they are also very good at collaborating, incorporating my ideas.I often get comments on my website - for the design and the "easy navigation". As a jazz singer, composer, vocal coach, writer, producer, director - I love the way that they been able to create a design experience for my website that creates a sense of clarity & simplicity, and brings the numerous diverse details of my pursuits and what I have to offer into cohesion. If only my life could be managed by them too!"

Neil Nusbaum

Hollywood Racks

"It's been a real pleasure working with Site-Maker. They are not only professional and creative, but are nice people and get the job done on time. Our site is fairly technical but thanks to their efforts it is easy to navigate and we do get lots of compliments on it. Thank you!"